Money Well Spent

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Last month I promised to answer the most frequently asked question readers sent in on the bounce-back cards to our very successful (thanks again!) annual campaign:

Are you sure that sending The Banner to every household in the CRC is a good idea; is it good stewardship? Yes! A comprehensive survey done by an outside firm last fall clearly confirms information we receive from our other feedback channels. In 2002, 58 percent of respondents claimed they read substantial portions of The Banner.

Now 86 percent do. In 2002, 5 percent of CRC respondents claimed to read the entire magazine. Now 19 percent do. Most gratifying to hear is how many readers remarked that The Banner draws them into the work of our denomination and how they consider it “value added” to their experience within their local church.

We promise to keep checking regularly to ensure the every household Banner remains a stewardly way of keeping us together in mission and ministry.

About the Author

Bob De Moor is a retired Christian Reformed pastor living in Edmonton, Alta.

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