Catch Me in My Scurrying


. . . Catch me in my mindless scurrying, Lord,and hold me in this Lenten season:hold my spirit to the beacon of your grace         and grant me light enough to walk boldly,                 to feel passionately,                         to love aggressively;grant me peace enough to want more,          to work for more                 and to submit to nothing less,                         and to fear only you . . .                                 only you!Bequeath me not becalmed seas,         slack sails and premature benedictions,                  but breathe into me a torment,                   storm enough to make within myself                             and from myself,                                     something . . .something new,        something saving,                something true,a gladness of heart,        a pitch for a song in the storm,                a word of praise lived,                        a gratitude shared,                                a cross dared,                                        a joy received. . . .

—Ted Loder

From Guerrillas of Grace by Ted Loder, copyright © 1984 Innisfree Press. Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress.