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Is it OK to hop churches when I don’t feel I’m growing in faith? Who’s responsible for my faith growth?

You (with the Holy Spirit) are responsible for your faith growth. Faith grows by reading and studying Scripture, engaging in faith practices, and being part of a community of faith. The church community is a place where you know and are known by other Christians. It is in community where we worship God shoulder to shoulder with people who are rejoicing and people who grieve, people who are healthy and people with major health issues, people who have traveled broadly and those who need a ride to get across town. These people help us see what it looks like to live life faithfully, and by living life with them we learn more about how God is working in our world.

The word “hop” in your question suggests that changing churches is being done in a cavalier manner. It is hard to build a community when people don’t have a commitment to that community. So no, one shouldn’t “hop” churches.

If you feel your faith is not growing, ask yourself why. Are you fully engaged in the community? Are you faithful in doing your part by attending worship and taking advantage of what the church and pastoral team have to offer? Are you reaching out to help others?

Unfortunately, churches are not perfect. People sometimes do and say things that are hurtful that make it difficult for you to stay. So sometimes there are good reasons to leave a church. But leaving your church community affects more than just you. It should be done with great care.


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