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As I Was Saying is a forum for a variety of perspectives to foster faith-related conversations among our readers with the goal of mutual learning, even in disagreement. Apart from articles written by editorial staff, these perspectives do not necessarily reflect the views of The Banner.

In difficult times Christians have hope and peace that passes all understanding. This peace comes from knowing the Lord, remembering his promises, and dwelling on his goodness. From time to time I will write my own psalms as prayers or reflective praises to God. Here is one that reflects on the hope of salvation we have in Christ Jesus. Similar to Psalm 103, it is a meditation on God’s blessings for his servants. I pray it gives you reassurance of faith while the world hunkers down under the threat of COVID-19.

The Lord will not abandon you

The Lord will not abandon you

He will deliver you from all your troubles

He will destroy all your enemies

The God of all comfort will not leave you in your sorrow

Broken hearts will be pieced together again

All your tears will be wiped away

He will free you from your poverty

The slave driver will be driven away

Everlasting abundance is your inheritance

He will heal your loneliness in his own arms

and settle you with loved ones

The Lord will not abandon you to your weakness

frail bodies will be made strong

broken minds will stand up from their chains

the blind will see and the crippled dance

missing pieces will be found together

The Lord himself will overcome all your needs

Cravings will not bully you and passions not prod you

Golden arches will no longer command you

Prince charming will have no charm left

Cinderella cannot capture your gaze

When your eyes see him they will never search again

The Lord will not leave you in fear

Your terror will be torn to pieces

The dark of night will be bright as day

The Almighty will not forget your assailants,

or the vile deeds against you

His justice will drag them away in disgrace

They will eat the filth they poured on you

and the eyes of all victims will see it

Our God will not abandon you to the grave

No coffin will be able to contain you

None of your ashes will be left behind

The dust that formed you will form you again

The waters will produce you on command

The depths dare not hide you

The Lord will not abandon you to your sins

Your soiled clothes will be washed

Those bonds of shame will turn to ash

You will hold your head high to meet your maker

He himself has removed your disgrace

and pardoned your gravest offenses

The Almighty Father has not forgotten;

the saving Son will deliver;

though he lingers, he never fails

Those who know the Lord rejoice in him

Sing his praise, you poor and weak

You who sorrow declare his goodness

You oppressed declare his justice

In the time of evil shout his triumph

His future is your present

He is the Lord who never fails

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