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Meet Miss Elizabeth Sloane: competent and courageous, professional and political, fearsome and fearless, self-sacrificing and self-serving. She is a sought-after strategist and lobbyist, courting as well as making sport of the powerful in the Capitol Hill corporate and political world. Miss Sloane understands the laws governing lobbyists so well that she is also an expert at bending them.

This thriller pits political powerbrokers and lobbyists against each other over the Second Amendment. The narrative, although not a true story, is based in the realm of possibility. Jessica Chastain plays Miss Sloane with impeccable poise and resolve. Her character is totally committed to her task, and she is willing to risk her own safety and that of those she loves to stay ahead of her opposition. It’s about “playing your trump card right after they play theirs.” Although an observant viewer might catch Miss Sloane tipping her hand, this movie will blindside most audiences.

Shot mostly in Toronto, Miss Sloane is set in an eerily contemporary Washington, D.C. The script and filming are meticulous and tight, without a wasted frame or text. Director John Madden (Shakespeare in Love) is sure to garner attention for Miss Sloane, and Chastain may well add an award to her acting career for her commanding role in this film. Rated R for language and some sexuality. (EuropaCorp)

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