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TobyMac has been reinventing himself for years, and yet in many ways he remains the same. His latest album,This Is Not a Test, continues his string of powerhouse pop and hip-hop hits with honest lyrics true to himself, his experience, and his Lord.

His long-anticipated one-song reunion with dc Talk, “Love Feels Like,” gives humble voice to the challenges of truly loving one another. “Backseat Driver” is a playful take on our desire to try to wrest control of our lives from God.

TobyMac keeps his music fresh in part because he doesn’t hog the spotlight; he brings in guests to complement his sound. Young performer Hollyn, who is currently touring with TobyMac, joins on both “Backseat Driver” and the reggae-infused “Light Shines Bright.” Capitol Kings joins him for “Til the Day I Die,” a song that seems to be his manifesto; it makes plain that he will continue to use the gifts he’s been given to serve Jesus for as long as he can.

He may not be breaking any new ground here, but TobyMac’s album is evidence of a life firmly rooted in his faith. He is reliably inspiring, entertaining, and, like a certain biblical king, he dances before the Lord with all his might. (Gotee Records)

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