The Zimzum of Love: A New Way of Understanding Marriage by Kristen and Rob Bell

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The Zimzum of Love is a catchy title with a subtitle that promises something new on a topic as ancient as humankind. Well-known author Rob Bell teamed up with his wife, Kristen, to share about the zimzum they have experienced in 20 years of marriage, three children, and a pressured life and career.   
The authors chose the word “zimzum” for its poetic playfulness but also because it finds its source in the Hebrew word tzimtzum, a word used to talk about the creation of the world in a poetic way. In a creating kind of way, falling in love unleashes new energy and creates spaces that did not exist before.
In a back-and-forth conversational style, drawing on the ebb and flow of their own marriage, the Bells provide insight into the dynamics, the mysteries, the exclusivity, and the sacredness of marriage. The Bells celebrate marriage without denying the hard work of it. Their honesty and joy, along with an easy writing style and simple drawings, make this book an inviting and accessible read. An epilogue, questions, and endnotes make this slim volume suitable for a couple or small group to continue the conversation the Bells have begun. (HarperCollins)

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Jenny deGroot is a teacher/librarian in Langley, British Columbia.

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Would you consider this a Christian book? It’s nice, and human and even ‘spiritual’ – but is it ‘Christian’? Is Jesus and his work (or even the example: Eph. 5) a part of this “new way of understanding marriage”? I almost want to hear other peoples’ impressions of it before I finish it.