Reader-Submitted Review: Take Your Church’s Pulse by Tim Koster and John Wagenveld

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The body of Christ is alive. Anything that is alive has a pulse. InTake Your Church’s Pulse, Tim Koster and John Wagenveld use this concept of a living, breathing church to challenge leaders and congregants to examine how they compare to God’s ideal.
Ten vital signs of a healthy church make up the book, with a chapter devoted to each. At the end of every chapter are questions that comprise the stethoscope for taking a church’s pulse. A freeonline tool is provided to involve the entire congregation.
A strength of the book is the practical steps the authors suggest. Readers do not have to wonder what they should do with the information presented—it challenges them to do it! Koster and Wagenveld are careful to mention that using this tool is a gradual process.
The language and easy-to-understand graphics make this book perfect for church leaders who desire to see their church thrive. (Multiplication Network)

About the Author

Gary Teja is Hispanic Ministry and Southeast U. S. Team Leader for Christian Reformed Home Missions.

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