Let’s Be Still by The Head and the Heart

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After heavily touring their self-titled debut album for the last two years, the band approached this sophomore album with hesitation. The title track makes their situation clear, “The world's just spinning / A little too fast / If things don't slow down soon we might not last. / So, just for the moment, let's be still.”

At times this album reveals the tensions of making music in community. On the opening track, “Homecoming Heroes,” they sing, “We’ve put in the time / Casting our lines off shore / And I’m sorry but I find no glory in that / I just want you off my back / And there’s not a word in my head floating around / You won’t pick apart and put down.” But they end on a hopeful note, “I need this faith to keep me walkin’ / To keep me alive.”

This album continues to keep the band on top of the folk music tradition. And the wonderful harmonies of the three vocalists—Josiah Johnson, Jonathan Russell, and Charity Rose Theilen—give each of the songs compelling melodies that linger long after they have ended. (Sub Pop)

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