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After more than 50 years in the music business, it’s hard to imagine that Paul McCartney would have anything new to say. But in his latest album he continues to sound fresh and relevant as he churns out catchy and slickly produced tunes. While finding a theme other than “this guy can really write songs” might be tricky, there does seem to be a sense in the first half of the album that McCartney is looking for redemption of some sort.

The first song is called “Save Us,” and the songs that follow speak of animals in a zoo who dream of being free, as well as a working-class person who says, “How could I have so many dreams and none of them come true?”

After the title song, McCartney turns to songs with more upbeat themes like “Appreciate” and “Hosanna.” The brokenness and redemption shown in the sequencing of this album might suggest that McCartney is thinking about issues of faith—or they might be about his high-profile divorce and recent much lower profile marriage. Either way, this is an album that will likely stay on my playlist for quite a while because the songs are just so likable. (Hear Music)

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