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March 28, 2013 - 

Most parents feel alone and inadequate at different points along the path. But parents of children with special needs sometimes feel all the more isolated as they deal with things that no one else seems to have to deal with. At Not Alone, a blog with 21 contributing writers, all of them parents of children with special needs, moms and dads can find strength, support, and solidarity in the encouraging words of others who have shared their unique set of joys and burdens.

Recent posts deal with the truths learned through parenting a child with Down syndrome, how to cope with the unexpected, and how to handle unsolicited advice from other parents. Talented writers address the influence and effects of special needs on a life of faith and vice versa. Find the blog by typing in the internet address rather than using a browser, since browsers are more likely to give you dating sites or, which serves veterans suffering from PTSD.

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