Letters to a Young Calvinist by by James K.A. Smith

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Calvinism is currently the unwitting hot topic among a subset of young, ardent evangelical Christians. Smith's engaging epistles are a welcome contribution to the conversation, especially in the way they shift the focus from rather loveless debates about predestination and election to a “wide-angle” perspective on the matter. His letters trace the contours of the tradition with kindness, patience, and generosity, and each one offers encouragement to sound the depths of the grand tradition we inhabit. (Brazos Press)

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I find the title of this book truly ironic. As the third Ex. Dir. of the Young Calvinist Federation, I fought a continuing battle for 8 years to NOT change the name and do away with a perceived negative response to youth being labeled Young Calvinists. I moved on in 1988 and the organization's name sadly changed shortly thereafter.