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Seventeen-year-old Assétou lives in a remote village in Burkina Faso, 60 kilometers from its capital city of  Ouagadougou.

She discovered a new radio program, “I Belong to God,” and listened intently to its messages.

There are no churches in Assétou’s village, but she wanted to know more about this God who touched her heart.

She called the program’s producer, Rev. Marc Nabie, French ministry coordinator in Burkina Faso for Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI).

“Assétou told me she wanted to be baptized,” remembers Nabie. “In fact, she insisted on it.”

Nabie was pondering the best way to respond to Assétou when, the next Sunday, he received a call from her. She had walked 14 km (8.5 mi.) to board a bus to

Ouagadougou, where BTGMI’s French ministry is based.

Nabie picked her up from the bus station and brought her to his home where the church fellowship meets.

That day, gathered with God’s people for worship, Assétou gave her life to the Lord.

Although there is no church in her village, Assétou continues to grow in faith and God’s Word as she listens to the weekly I Belong to God radio messages.

The BTGMI French team, in partnership with Timothy Leadership Training Institute (TLTI), developed the broadcast series based on the 52 themes in the Heidelberg Catechism.

TLTI also developed Bible studies and leadership training to coordinate with the radio messages. The impact of these radio messages and Bible studies is growing as local church leaders are trained to disciple those who respond to the radio broadcasts.

“Many of those who respond are Muslims seeking truth,” Nabie noted. “With their faith being challenged by world events, they turn to Christian broadcasts to find answers.”

Nabie added that he is seeing an increased interest by Muslim women, who have access to smartphones and can listen to the program “out of the eyes of people.”

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