Alumni and Students to Serve in Colorado

This March, the Calvin College Alumni Association will be offering a joint alumni-student service project in a flood-damaged region of Boulder County, Colo.

The week-long service learning experience will be coordinated through Calvin’s Service Learning Center in conjunction with World Renew’s Disaster Response Services.

Besides building on the relationship they have with World Renew, alumni officials hope this spring’s endeavor “will strengthen connections between alumni and students,” said John Wynbeek, chair of the association board’s faith and service working group.

Since Calvin’s Service Learning Center has traditionally sent out a number of student service learning teams during the college’s March spring break, this time of year seemed like a natural opportunity for the center to pilot an alumni-student service trip.

This effort will “allow alumni to connect with Calvin students and students to witness people dedicated to lifelong service,” said Noah Kruis, associate director of Calvin’s Service Learning Center.

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Michael Van Denend, Calvin College