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KC felt trapped. His lack of education and stutter in his speech had left him with a job he did not like and a general bitterness toward life.

But his perspective slowly began to change.

KC, who lives in Hong Kong, began listening to Back to God Ministries International’s radio program Listen to My Heart several years ago. He shared his bitter thoughts with Laisin Cheung, the program’s producer, who initiated a discipleship conversation with KC.

“It wasn’t that KC didn’t know about Jesus,” explained Laisin. “He just needed someone to lead him to understand the relevance of the gospel to his life.”

As he continued listening to the program, KC gained a new perspective on life. The program’s biblical advice on everyday issues brought KC much encouragement.

Although BTGMI Chinese ministry stopped producing Listen to My Heart in 2011 to focus more on other outreach in mainland China, BTGMI’s contact with KC did not end. Laisin continued discipling KC through Facebook and introduced him to other discipleship resources such as the Chinese Today devotional magazine.

Eventually, Laisin wanted to strengthen KC’s faith by connecting him to fellow believers in his country. She connected him with her brother, Jonathan Cheung, a pastor near KC’s home. Jonathan invited KC to his church and began a one-on-one Bible study with him.

“I am very thankful Pastor Cheung would take time to teach and talk with me,” says KC. “I am growing in faith, and that helped me change my bitterness toward life.”

KC continues to contact Laisin, updating her on his progress.
After years of writing letters, Facebook messages, and emails, Laisin was able to meet KC at her brother’s church while traveling to Hong Kong last November.

KC has come to a full faith in Christ and now approaches his work as a security officer with a much more positive attitude.

Someday KC would like to use his gift of writing in a career. But for now, he is thankful for God’s faithfulness in his life, and for BTGMI Chinese ministry that keeps his faith strong.

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