Ethnic Leaders Grow Ministries

One of the most striking aspects of Home Missions’ ministry is the intercultural way it works to bring the whole gospel to people in many diverse contexts.

Home Missions’ four ethnic leaders have formed an Ethnic Ministry Council to provide leadership in this effort. They are Rev. Stanley Jim, Native American Ministries; Rev. Robert Price, Black Ministries; Rev. Javier Torres, Hispanic Ministries; and Rev. Tong Park, Korean Ministries.

In their roles on the council, the four will champion the need to integrate ethnic ministries into the geographical regions and classes where they are located.

They will also have a voice in deploying new ethnic leaders, as well as authorizing funding for the start of new ethnic ministries. As their roles on the Ethnic Council emerge, they eagerly look forward to having influence and making an impact on the CRC regarding all ethnic groups.

The ethnic leaders are enthusiastic about the future and about the opportunities the council will have to empower and direct the multi-ethnic culture within the denomination.

“I see the Ethnic Ministry Council as an answer to prayer,” says Torres. “It allows us an opportunity to break down walls and work in an environment of inclusiveness instead of segregation.

“It moves us from ethnic islands to a place where multi-ethnicity is celebrated and together we can work with our partners in fanning the flames of multiculturalism.

Easter to Pentecost Missions Highlight

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

Home Missions and World Missions are again collaborating to help churches celebrate the period from Easter to Pentecost.

From Easter Sunday, April 24, through Pentecost Sunday, June 12, Home Missions and World Missions will share how they are jointly following God’s gospel “From the Cross, Through the Church, To the World.”  Resources include

  • a 28-day, downloadable, interactive family guide with daily family activities
  • lids and labels for children’s banks
  • a poster and DVD
  • children’s bulletins
  • bulletin covers and inserts

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About the Author

Ben Van Houten is a senior writer for Christian Reformed Home Missions.

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Just wondering if people at the Banner happen to know about the emotional spritual abuse one of these leaders put me through. After testifying in front of a bunch of strangers and being completely humiliated by telling my story of our sexual encounter while he was still married, copastoring, being an elder at his church, and ministering for Home Missions your leader got away with just a slap on the hand. Is the what the CRCNA teaches. Everyone in the CRCNA leadership knows what took place, he himself said, "Nothing will happen to me" This is the message that is given to anyone who now would much rather not speak up. You still celebrate them as if they were heroes and they never confess to what happened. Well I guess "FACE" is more important than salvation. I was accountable I recounted what happened...and look who gets to continue his life within the CRCNA community as if nothing happened.....Is something wrong with this picture???

By the way this quote is plagerized from two articles online, it's a combination of three quotes!!!!

“It moves us from ethnic islands to a place where multi-ethnicity is celebrated and together we can work with our partners in fanning the flames of multiculturalism."