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Ten years ago Brother Tang was a new believer searching for help. “In God’s providence I found your programs on shortwave radio and started listening,” he told Rev. Jimmy Lin, Chinese ministry leader for Back to God media ministries.

Tang has been a faithful listener to the Chinese language programs ever since. He is now a lay leader for a house church in Guangdong in the southern part of China.

Although China is becoming more open to religion, many Chinese Christians still prefer to gather in small house church fellowships. The degree of freedom the worshipers have depends on where they live and the attitude of local leaders.

“Government leaders in Guangdong are relatively open to faith gatherings, so Christians there can worship more freely,” notes Rev. Lin. “However, Tang’s group worships in smaller groups so as not to draw too much attention.”

That doesn’t stop them from actively sharing the gospel in their community. Brother Tang requested materials to help share God’s Word with migrant workers who come to Guangdong from poorer villages to look for work.

Resources for this type of outreach are available from the follow-up center in Hong Kong. But Tang requested a lot of material and there was concern it might be “lost” or confiscated. So Hong Kong staff members personally delivered booklets and CDs to the house church in Guangdong, a four-hour bus ride from Hong Kong.

Florence T., director of the follow-up center in Hong Kong, was encouraged by the Christians she met in Guangdong. “They are a very active group and very eager to reach out to migrant workers,” she reported. “They want to distribute our materials to people hungry for the gospel.”

Thanks to your support of the CRC’s media ministry, outreach in China continues to multiply. Brother Tang is just one believer who heard our broadcast and is now sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people in China. Pray that the Word of God will reach people in all the cities and villages of China.

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