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As Stephen Harper and the Conservatives battled Paul Martin’s Liberals in Canada’s recent federal election campaign, the Christian Reformed Church’s Committee for Contact with the Government (CCG) kept a close eye on policy developments and encouraged citizens to vote in a spirit of love for their neighbors.

Prime Minister Harper’s minority government sets to work in Parliament this month with promises of change. From CCG’s perspective, this is a new chance to discuss pressing matters of justice and to express a hopeful testimony: “Our political world belongs to God.” We do this because Christ claims every square inch of creation as his own – even the rough and tumble world of politics!

In this environment, CCG will promote civil debate through action. It will seek justice by providing leaders with well-thought-out, constructive ideas presented respectfully and with persistence.

As Parliament confronts the moral crisis of chronic hunger, CCG works with partners like the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, the Micah Challenge, and the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee in arguing that food justice—including support for small-scale agriculture in the developing world—is a way to fight hunger.

Homelessness and the lack of affordable housing is a stark symbol of poverty in the midst of affluence in Canada. Although housing issues don’t have a prominent place on the agenda of this Parliament, CCG will work with sympathetic members of Parliament and other partners to draw attention to this key justice issue.

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