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Eleven-year-old Darryn Pasqua from Rocky Face, Ga., loves sports, science, building forts, and exploring. He describes himself as “a tall, medium-strength guy who knows the Bible and is always looking to better himself.”

“I wanted to learn more about God and his plan for my life,” Darryn told Barb Brouwer, producer of the children’s program Kids Corner. So he enrolled in the Bible correspondence program offered at

“The purpose of the Kids Corner Bible study is to introduce children to God’s story,” explains Brouwer. “As they learn about God’s story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, it’s our prayer that the children will begin to discern God’s story in their lives.”

ReFrame Media—the English outreach of Back to God Ministries International—produces Kids Corner, a 30-minute audio drama and music program whose purpose is to ignite interest in the Bible and to disciple children as lifelong followers of Jesus.

Darryn discovered the correspondence lessons when he went to the Kids Corner website to download the free item offered each month.

“It’s wonderful to have extra studies based on their favorite characters,” notes Paula Pasqua, Darryn’s mom. “That motivates Darryn. He handled all of the work on his own. I only checked it over for thoughtfulness and complete answers.”

Darryn said the hardest part was being diligent to mail in the lessons, but he stuck with it. He wrote, “I learned that Jesus came to earth humble, not proud. I liked the feeling that I was learning what God wanted.”

Darryn participates in local baseball and basketball leagues, plays piano, and is a percussionist in his school band. “I like to be challenged to learn new things about Christ,” he says. “When I finished all the [Kids Corner] lessons, it felt like I took a step in my spiritual growth.”

Since the children’s Bible study program was revised in 2008, 266 children have enrolled. Those who finish all the lessons receive a certificate of completion and a Kids Corner music CD. The Kids Corner audio drama is aired on more than 400 outlets worldwide and on the Internet. In addition to the Bible correspondence course, the website provides stories, devotionals, and activities as well as parent resources and discussion guides.

If the children in your life would like a fun and challenging way to grow in faith, check out the correspondence course at or contact Brouwer at or 1-800-879-6555.

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