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Going to the doctor can be scary, especially when you’re only 10 years old. But Miriam didn’t have to go alone when she visited a neurologist who assessed how she was coping with cerebral palsy.

A caretaker from Tesoros de Dios, a school and rehabilitation center for Nicaraguan children who are faced with developmental challenges, went with Miriam and stayed with her as she underwent the probes and prods and tests to assess her disease. Accompanying her to the doctor is one way the center staff shows Miriam and other children the love of God.

When Miriam and the caretaker arrived back at the school in Managua, Michelle Adams, director of the school and center, asked the caretaker to write a report on how the appointment went. But more important, she wanted to know how God is at work in Miriam’s life through the center.

Tesoros de Dios, translated “God’s Treasures,” provides therapy, physical therapy, and education for children with developmental disabilities.

Adams, who works in partnership with Christian Reformed World Missions as well as with Fundación El Samaritano, a nonprofit organization registered with the Nicaraguan government, shared Miriam’s story in a recent newsletter.

“I feel happy to have arrived at this center, to have such beautiful people by my side with whom I can share my joy,” Miriam says in the newsletter. “This center is the most marvelous place that God could have put in my path.”

Adams says that Miriam now is able to stand up alone and has more strength when using a walker. “She also has more confidence. Miriam has advanced a lot in the therapy and she can do a lot of new things in the school.”

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