Bible Studies Make an Eternal Difference

Just before he died, Alunsyah testified that the Listener Community Bible studies had made an eternal difference in his life.

Alunsyah, a former Muslim, became acquainted with the Bible study course through a Back to God Ministries International Listener Community in Padang Sidempuan, Indonesia. He completed only the first set of lessons before passing away in January 2010. But before he died, he said, “I am thankful and praise the Lord . . . to be a participant in the Bible studies.”

The Bible studies were developed for people living in remote areas who are eager to know more about Christianity. To date, almost 550 people have enrolled in one of the programs’ four levels of study.

Mrs. Pudji K., a member of another listener community, is thankful for the way the Bible studies are making a difference in her family. Her husband, a Muslim, “wants to know more about the Christian faith,” Pudji says. “He is a rational thinker . . . by going through the Bible course he has an opportunity to find the truth of God.”

Another participant, Mr. Jance S., who was hospitalized for two months for a serious illness, made good use of his recovery time. “I am very happy,” he declares, “because the Bible studies kept me busy while I was getting treatment in the hospital. It helped me know more about the Christian faith.”

About the Author

Nancy Vander Meer is a staff writer with Back to God Ministries International in Grand Rapids, Mich.