My Unedited Writing Year: 365 Invitations to Free Your Creativity and the Writer Within by Hope Lyda

My Unedited Writing Year

Dreamers who imagine a writing life, writers stuck in the swamp of wasted time or lack of ideas, writers looking for new ways to tap into their creativity and dreams: all these folks and more will discover a trove of inspirational treasure in Hope Lyda’s newest book (she’s also author of devotionals and novels and worked in publishing for 20 years). She offers a year’s worth of prompts, ideas, and inspirations to get you putting pen/pencil/marker to the page.

Lyda’s strength is offering prompts beyond the usual “record a memory from your childhood.” Examples include “Actively collect and invent words this week,” “Yum. Describe a confectionary masterpiece,” and “What baffles you most about God and the world?” Prompts are divided into five categories: Writing Practice & Nonfiction, Life Journey, Spiritual Inspiration, Fiction & Poetry, and Creativity Jump Starts. Delightful graphics and writerly quotes make each page fun and challenging, with categories allowing users to choose which prompts are most needed.

My Unedited Writing Year is a one-of-a-kind tool for all levels and kinds of writers to explore their creativity, tough places, fears, and joys. It’s fun; it’s challenging; it’s a great way to move your writing life forward. Visit Lyda at (Harvest House)

About the Author

Ann Byle is a professional writer of books, magazine articles, and reviews. She lives in Grand Rapids, Mich., with her family and five chickens, two cats, one old dog and one very naughty puppy.