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2018 Banner Essay Contest Winners

Banner Essay Contest

We are thrilled to announce the three winners of the 2018 essay contest “Why Christianity Still Matters.”

We had an excellent response to our first-ever Banner college essay contest. Our thanks to all 46 young writers who submitted entries; we were delighted to find so many students writing deeply and honestly about their Christian faith.

The three judges blind-reviewed the essays (authors were not identified to preclude any potential bias). Deb Van Brenk (Flaherty) worked in daily journalism for more than two decades and now is a communications specialist at a post-secondary institution. Bruce Buursma reported around the globe for The Chicago Tribune and now consults with clients to provide writing, editing, and video production services. Shiao Chong is editor-in-chief of The Banner. They selected the following as prize winners:

First prize ($1,000): Rylan Brue (Dordt College)

Second prize ($500): Juliana Knot (Calvin College)

Third prize ($250) Paola Gracia (Florida International University)

Look for the first- and second-prize essays in our November print issue; all three winning essays will be published online in October.

Congratulations to these fine young writers and to the many others who shared their essays with us. Our thanks to the donor whose funds made this contest possible.

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