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Senior Leader for Intercultural Ministry Leaving Role

picture of Pablo standing in front of mural
Pablo Kim Sun, Senior Leader for Intercultural Ministry, with the Canadian board of the CRCNA, is leaving for a role with the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Pablo Kim Sun, the first senior leader for intercultural ministry for the Canadian ministry board of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, is stepping down and transitioning to a new role with the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Kim Sun’s last day with the CRCNA is July 31, and he will begin working with the PCC as intercultural liaison Aug. 1. Kim Sun said the new role is “similar in nature” to the CRC position and is an executive-level position that is a “next-level challenge for me.”

“My work (in either position) is to discern how we can make sure that whatever background—cultural, ethnic, racial—you’re coming from, we create a place of belonging for everyone,” he said, adding that his experience with the CRCNA has been filled with joy, gratitude, and some challenges. He also noted the importance of including antiracism teaching alongside the goal of diversity. “By focusing on diversity, you can create a diverse community of welcoming, but it won’t lead to a diverse community of belonging.”

Kim Sun has served for three years in the CRCNA position, originally called “senior leader for antiracism and intercultural conciliation.” He also has been involved in forming the Decolonization and Antiracism Collective, a national advisory committee that worked closely with Kim Sun to “listen, plan, discern, and execute projects to help the denomination be a more healthy intercultural community,” he said. The Canadian Ministry Board has approved terms of reference for the collective’s ongoing work, helping to ensure the group continues past Kim Sun’s tenure.

Al Postma, the CRCNA’s executive director, Canada, said, “I'm personally grateful for Pablo's work with the Christian Reformed Church these last three years and have experienced him as a wise colleague and mentor. I look forward to ensuring that the work he was doing continues with the least disruption possible.”

“While I'll be working for the Presbyterian Church,” Kim Sun said, “I'm also looking for opportunities to engage with the next leaders in the CRC who come into this position, ... because we’re all involved with one large vision—working for God’s kingdom.”

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