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Synod 2022 Appoints Professor of Old Testament to Seminary

Synod 2022 Appoints Professor of Old Testament to Seminary
Wilson Cunha appointed as professor of Old Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary.
Photo by Steven Herppich

Synod 2022, the general assembly of the Christian Reformed Church, interviewed and enthusiastically confirmed Wilson de Angelo Cunha as professor of Old Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary.

During his interview with delegates, Cunha said the essential message of the Old Testament is, “Wait for the Lord.” God will come, has come in Jesus Christ. He said he loves the Old Testament because it “addresses life gone wrong.” It presents a God who is “all-powerful but also involved in our lives.” 

At age 13, Cunha experienced a profound change in his life. He was led to read the Bible and found it compelling. Thus began a pursuit of biblical and theological knowledge.

He noted the profound questioning of the Old Testament writers, citing the question in Malachi 2:17: “Where is the God of justice?” The question is answered, he said, in the next chapter, which says that God will come with punishment for the wicked and vindication for the righteous.

He added, “The very word ‘gospel’ is an Old Testament concept,” citing passages from Isaiah 40 and 52.

Asked about speaking to people in grief, he cited Psalm 74, noting that at the heart of the psalm is the story of God defeating chaos. He said, “The God who defeated chaos once can defeat it again.”

With his sense of humor, Cunha soon won over the delegates. Asked by the synod president, Jose Rayas, which book of the Bible gives him the most trouble, he said, “Probably Song of Songs,” adding, “because I’m afraid of it.”

Cunha, born in Brazil, began his studies in the Old Testament at Jose Manoel da Conceição Presbyterian Theological Seminary. There he met visiting Calvin Seminary professor Carl Bosma, who recruited Cunha to study at Calvin Seminary. After Calvin, he did his doctoral work in the Netherlands at Leiden University. For the past several years he has been teaching at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. Jules Medenblik, president of Calvin Seminary, pointed to Cunha and fellow appointee Yudha Thianto as evidence of the “global reach of Calvin Theological Seminary.”

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