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Celebrity Comedian Speaks in Los Angeles Korean Church


TtoKamSa Mission Christian Reformed Church in Los Angeles, Calif., hosted an event on July 14 focused on members witnessing to non-believer friends. Christian comedian HaeRyun Cho, who is a deaconess in Korea, was the invited speaker for the evening.

Cho shared her testimony and highlighted for more than 100 attendees how and when to reach out to neighbors in need, the best methods of approach, and other ways to make churches accessible to those without faith in Jesus.

Cho said in her previous life without God’s presence, she followed her own desires for material things and fame. She first came to church at the invitation of a celebrity friend and experienced some burdens and doubt about church attendance. But finally she came to accept Jesus as her Savior, trusting him in her life.

Cho said Jesus’ words “You are my child” are the strongest energy for her faith life. She encouraged others to know the Word with daily Bible reading.

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