Mission Fair Opens in Downtown L.A.

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On May 19-21, TtoKamSa Mission Christian Reformed Church celebrated its 13th anniversary with a mission fair, including exhibitions of their short-term overseas mission trips to countries including the Philippines and Japan. For the last 10 years the church has sent out many missionaries.

Missionaries Jae Choi, Mi Park, Kyung Kim, Ki Chung, Mr. Charles Oh, Myun Park, Kap Lim, and Jaim Rok, Young Jang, Jae Yoon all shared their stories, including photos and videos. The countries where they are working cannot be named for their own safety.

Participants at the mission fair gave thanks for their testimonies with challenges, and prayed for the missionary families and fields.

On the last day of the fair, missionaries and participants took part in a foot-washing ceremony.

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Jonathan Kim is a CRC pastor of Ye-Eun Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, California. He writes news for The Banner and lives in North Hills, California.