Regional Gathering Plans Changed

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Plans for some of the regional gatherings announced by the Christian Reformed Church have changed, according to CRC executive director Steven Timmermans.

The gathering centered on servant leadership and discipling has been changed to February, rather than being held in November as initially planned. It will still be held at Sunlight CRC in Port Lucie, Fla., but the dates are now February 3-6, 2017.

“The Church Renewal Lab from Calvin Seminary also has an event at the church, which will have two days of overlap,” Timmermans said. “Folks may wish to do both.”

Moving this event to February may preclude a fourth gathering initially planned for late winter in California. Timmermans couldn’t say conclusively if there will be a California gathering.

The gatherings are part of a series that will culminate in a binational gathering in Detroit in August, 2017. Two events have already been held: a Canadian national gathering in Ontario in May and a regional event with a multiethnic focus in Michigan in June.

The gatherings are intended to be different from synod (the general assembly of the CRC), more focused on ministry than governance.

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