Michigan Church Holds Tool Time Bible Study

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Many people rely on tools to succeed in life.

A Bible study at Second Christian Reformed Church, Grand Haven, Mich., equips men with the tools to build things—and to build themselves into godly believers.

The Tool Time Bible Study, named after the show-within-a-show on ABC’s hit 1990s sitcom “Home Improvement,” mixes a 45-minute Bible lesson with a 15-minute presentation about a new tool or construction process. Rick Geertsma, a Second CRC member who co-founded the Bible study, said the tool talk is a great “hook” for men.

“The Bible study is designed to give tools for life,” Geertsma said. “It’s sort of a hook and a play on words. It’s a way to get people interested in coming.”

Geertsma, a former principal of Grand Haven Christian School, leads the Bible study portion each week. John Rycenga, owner of Rycenga Building Center in Grand Haven and also a Second CRC member, leads the tool chat.

Rycenga usually discusses a new tool from his store that recently hit the market or a new construction process that builders are using.

The Bible study launched about a decade ago following a missionary update during a church service. Geertsma said the missionary discussed how a Bible study and tool talk program was bearing fruit in the United States, so he approached Rycenga soon after about starting a similar group at Second CRC.

The group meets on Saturday mornings during four months of the year. Geertsma said about 10 to 20 men attend each week.

The group, which is geared toward men, usually selects a book to study each year from Faith Alive Christian Resources. Currently, the group is studying Exodus. They have completed studies about Paul’s missionary journeys, along with the books of Acts and Corinthians, in past years.

A number of men have attended ever since the group was established. “It’s a lot of fun,” Geertsma said.

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