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Body and Soul Collective Shares the Heidelberg Catechism in Song


Jeremy Zeyl combined his love of music and love for the Reformed confessions to write a collection of worship songs based on the Heidelberg Catechism and the Belgic Confession. Through them, he hopes to share some of the richness of Reformed faith. “It’s immediately accessible through music—it’s a way to share it.”

Zeyl’s songs were recently played and recorded at a concert over two nights to a full house at Talbot Street Christian Reformed Church in London, Ontario, where Zeyl is the worship director. Musicians included the Body and Soul Collective, a group made up of musicians from the church and its street-level ministry, Sanctuary London. They were joined by vocal trio Isobelle Gunn, and bluegrass band A String and A Prayer.

Blending styles and people, the event brought together worshipers from a broad spectrum.

“The identity of the Collective is rooted in the Christian community in London at large and beyond,” said Jeremy Jongejan, Sanctuary London’s worship pastor. “The music is just a vehicle for us to connect with each other.”

The response was positive. “It’s awesome,” said Dan Tigchelaar after the concert. “I love the Heidelberg Catechism, and I think [music] is probably the new tool for passing on all that confessional stuff—I can take some of it home with me.”

Tine Buma said his favorite song was “Into the Mess.” “You know when something lands on you in a new way—this one did.”

Dan Flaherty of A String and A Prayer shared how the song “I’ll Follow You” was first used in a church service with a typical modern praise team. When Zeyl approached the bluegrass group with it, “he was playing it for us, and we just all joined in—it was very natural. . . . The songs are very adaptable for worship.”

Zeyl has enjoyed seeing people come together to create this event because in the end, he said,  “It’s about more than the music; it’s about offering it to God. A few came forward and said it spoke to them in special ways—that’s good enough for me.”

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