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Washington Church Paints Mural In the Street


If you drive through the intersection of 22nd street and Harris Avenue in the Happy Valley neighborhood of Bellingham, Wash., you will notice a brightly colored pinwheel flower painted in the middle of the street. Members of The Table, a Christian Reformed Church plant, sponsored this unique mural painting project.

On Saturday, June 7, approximately 100 people—from toddlers to seniors—used rollers and paint brushes to create a beautiful mural right on the asphalt.

Aaron Walters, pastor of The Table, said, “I looked at the diverse people painting together—[an adult with special needs] next to a senior citizen, next to teenagers, next to a city official, next to children—while listening to local music and feeling the heat of the sun. It was a great conversation starter about our church, our faith, and Jesus.”

Happy Valley residents and members of the Table worked alongside one another to choose a location and design. They eventually selected the pinwheel flower design that was created by a sixth grader who lives in the neighborhood. The design was reinterpreted with more symmetry and outlined on the street by Emily Heemstra, member of the Table. “[The artwork] now certainly symbolizes [for The Table] how God led our efforts and helped us meet and work with neighbors we normally do not see,” said Walters.

Walters is on the neighborhood association board and seeks ways the church can actively build relationships and serve the surrounding community. “Our hope as a church is to be a leader in doing great things that make our neighborhood a better place. Along the way, we develop relationships with neighbors and are able to put in a good word for Jesus. So far, as a result of the project we've been able to serve neighbors in tangible ways, pray with neighbors, and break down negative stereotypes of Christ and his church.”

HVCC Painting Day from Visual Impressions Video on Vimeo.

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