Iowa Church Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking may seem like a problem only in big cities, but Dee Tjarks knows it also happens in small communities like Britt, Iowa. She is passionate about reaching out to women and girls who are seeking hope, help, and a home.

In early April, Tjarks and her Bible study group were given the opportunity to help the community become aware of the problem of human trafficking by hosting Wings of Refuge, an organization that helps rescue women and girls.

Tjarks said she is involved with this cause because she had gone to another conference similar to this event and was inspired by the speaker’s testimony. She wanted to help, and when she heard about Wings of Refuge on the radio, she told her Bible study group, “This is what we need to do.” The group has collected clothes, toiletry items, devotionals, journals, and more for the women who come to Wings of Refuge.

More than 50 people attended the awareness-raising event, including a local youth group. “We just wanted to raise awareness and educate the public,” said Tjarks. She hopes that others will do the same.

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Kyle Hoogendoorn is a freelance news correspondent for The Banner. He lives in Rock Valley, Iowa.

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