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Jayson Korthuis, a member of Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Lynden, Wash., and fellow Dordt College senior Justin Gloudemans recently won the Gold Marcom Award for their work on the documentary “Communities of Fusion: Mozambique.”

Bruce Dooyema and Kim Dooyema, whose Center Fresh Egg Farm is one of the businesses that works with Communities of Fusion, approached Dordt professor Mark Volkers about helping them film their work in Mozambique through the college’s production company Prairie Grass Productions.

Since Korthuis and Gloudemans were already spending the semester in Nairobi, Kenya, they were able to shoot the video for the Dooyemas. “Professor Volkers asked Justin and I if we would be willing to fly down to Mozambique for a long weekend and shoot the film ourselves,” said Korthuis.

The men spent four-and-a-half hours filming at various locations outside of Mozambique, interviewing teachers, farmers, and others from the local community, and shooting at chicken farms and schools.

Communities of Fusion is a group of organizations that provides opportunities for education and agriculture in Mozambique. The Dooyemas won an International Egg Commission award in 2011 for their outstanding commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

The Marcom Awards are given to marketing and communication professionals who show outstanding creative achievement. Korthuis and Gloudemans also won an award of distinction from the Videographer Awards 2013.

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This is a great story from several perspectives and I'd recommend linking to the video.

The story captured in this video demonstrates is another illustration of how and why the institutional church should create disciples (which the CRCNA has historically done) and then allow those disciples, according to their own occupations, professions, and aquired expertise, to be salt and light to the world.  The institutional church need not be, and should not be, the institution that "works out" the faith it engenders by its preaching, teaching and encouraging, but allow those so discipled to work that out, whether by themselves or in concert with each other via separate organizations they create.  Which is happening here as documented in this video.

Kudos to the Banner for covering this.  It's the kind of stuff the Banner can do to let the CRCNA community know what is happening in that community.

And kudos to those in the CRC -- or not in the CRC -- who are part of this project.  I viewed the entire video and it seems to me that these folks have taken "helping without hurting" principles to heart, and have applied them well to this project.

And kudos to Justin and Jayson for bringing this story to so many in such a well done way.

And finally kudos to Dordt College, which apparently continues to teach its students what it means to excercise their faith in the real world.

Soli Deo Gloria