Record Ride Brings Record Donations for Christian Education

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When Mike Terrell joined the committee to assist with the Christian Education ministry at Westend Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., he wanted to do something other than the old stand-by fundraisers. “How about if I do something crazy?” he asked.

On September 21, Terrell hopped on his bicycle at 7:00 in the morning and rode for the next 12 hours, visiting every Christian school where Westend children attend. One of my main loves is cycling,” he explained, “but this was longer than anything I’ve done before!”

Terrell’s ride took him to Allendale Christian School, Unity Christian High School in Hudsonville, Calvin Christian Middle and High School in Grandville, Grand Rapids Christian High School, and West Side Christian School in Grand Rapids.

The route passed through the urban center of Grand Rapids and past farm fields in Hudsonville and Allendale. “It was representative of lots of CRC people in our church and the denomination,” reflected Terrell.

Several fellow church members including Terrell’s wife, Michelle, and Westend’s intern pastor, Jeremy Kreuze, joined Terrell for a portion of the ride.

At the end of the 12 hours, Terrell’s odometer showed that he’d cycled 145 miles. This topped his previous personal record by nearly 40 miles. Though quite sore, he stood up in church the next morning to talk about the journey with supporters.

The event, called “Crazy Faith” because it seemed a little crazy at first and required a step of faith, raised over $5,200, more than any other single fundraiser in the memory of the committee.

Terrell hopes that another “Crazy Faith” event will involve more members of the congregation next year.

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Noah Kruis is the Banner's regional news correspondent for classes Grand Rapids East and Grand Rapids North.