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Living God’s Adventure in California


When small groups come to mind, we often think of circling up in a church basement or gathering in a living room. But a group of California women have a very different idea. Flying down a zip line or hiking a mountain trail is more their speed.

Small group in California seeks adventure.

Eight women from several Christian Reformed churches in California’s central valley meet once a month to enjoy God’s creation and encourage one another to grow in faith.

“When our group first started out, it was intended as a way to help busy moms get out into God’s world and push themselves to try new things, to take a moment from our crazy schedules and stop to see all that God has placed around us,” said Darlene te Velde, one of the members of the group. And they have done just that. From hiking in the mountains and the coast, to snowshoeing, kayaking, biking, skiing, zip-lining and horseback riding, they have gotten out into God’s creation.

Each month two women plan an excursion. “We pack up goodies and coffee, lunch, and devotions and head out for the day,” said Judy Vannette. While the group consists of eight core members, they have opened up some of their outings to others, and they have encouraged others to start their own groups as well. “When someone shows an interest in it, we have encouraged them to start [a group]; there are a few in our area,” said Alice te Velde.

But this group doesn’t just plan adventures, they also serve. Recently, when a member of the group had a friend in need, they showed up to clean and pack. “These women give of their prayers and their time. I know that they will help in any situation that I bring to them,” said te Velde. “They are diligent prayer warriors, wonderful cooks (if anyone needs meals), and they are a lot of fun too! I am so grateful to have this special group of women in my life!”

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