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Washington, D.C., Artist Inspires Church Members


Jimmy Miracle is a man who is deeply affected by our broken world. Everywhere he looks—on TV and radio, in the office—he is aware of brokenness. “It hurt my head and eyes,” he explains.

Artwork inspired by Jimmy Miracle

So he began to create art. “My art was the only place where I could restore order,” he said. It turned out that Miracle’s art was not only a balm for his soul but for the congregation of Washington DC Christian Reformed Church.

During Pentecost, Miracle donated three of his pieces: “Beam,” “Movement NE,” and “Red Crown.” The church gladly welcomed them, and the pieces are still in the sanctuary today.

Miracle and his wife are both Christians, but had never heard of the Christian Reformed denomination until they stumbled across the church during a Sunday walk around their neighborhood. They started to come to services regularly, right around the time Jimmy was looking for a home for his art.

Members have an opportunity to reflect on the art as they settle in for worship.

“Beam” is a gray horizontal piece, and some members find it soothing. “It reminds me of the vastness of the land leading up to a great mountain. To me this is symbolic of God’s greatness as shown in nature,” said church member Heidi VanderWerff.

To reflect on God’s glory is Miracle’s prayer as he creates. “I pray that Jesus will move toward the hurting and transform the brokenness into a living existence.”

What’s more, members of the congregation, inspired by Miracle’s artwork, were moved to create their own pieces. “[Our church] is a place where all gifts and talents are appreciated, welcomed, and supported. It is a community willing to make space for anyone willing to share their gifts as an act of worship,” VanderWerff said.

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