28th Korean Council Meets

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The Korean Council of the Christian Reformed Church held its 28th meeting in May in Winter Garden, Fla.

The council elected Rev. Jang Ho Park as president. Park said he hopes, during his tenure, to build bridges between pastors, leaders, and local churches.

Representatives from CRC agencies presented their ministries to the group.

Rev. Moses Chung, newly appointed director for Christian Reformed Home Missions, said, “People who know me say that one thing I have is a deep, passionate love—love for people, the church, and God.”

Chung is the first 1.5-generation Korean American in senior leadership in the denomination. He started his duties May 1.

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Jonathan Kim is a CRC pastor of Ye-Eun Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, California. He writes news for The Banner and lives in North Hills, California.

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Could someone please explain why we have a Korean council? I cannot see the point of it. We used to have a Canadian council and it was disbanded.