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Redeemer University Students Enter Faith and Science Debate


Redeemer University College students recently competed for $13,000 in scholarship funds by writing essays about faith and science.

To enter the competition, students had to write an essay on any issue or topic raised in the book Rescuing Science from Preconceived Beliefs by Gary Chiang, a biology professor at Redeemer and self-described young-earth creationist.

Chiang said the book shows that “both evolution and creationism are theories, not facts, placing them on the same level,” and that “our worldviews and religious beliefs have an effect on the interpretation of scientific information.”

The scholarship competition, offered through the Arthur Custance Centre for Science, offered a top prize of $5,000.

The competition was offered in response to recent articles written by Calvin College professors John Schneider and Daniel Harlow about the early chapters of Genesis (Banner February 2011). Calvin College is owned by the Christian Reformed Church. Redeemer is a sister school.

Chiang said the essays were ranked by a panel of judges who fall on both sides of the debate, thus encouraging students to write from all angles. Chiang hopes the contest will get more students thinking about the issues and help them form educated opinions on the subject.

Chiang said that while the essay competition was for Redeemer students, the college has not stated an official position regarding the debate.


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