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Rows of white crosses are planted in a grassy area next to Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Lansing, Ill., forming a symbolic graveyard for the fetuses aborted each day in the United States.

The 2,000 crosses, first displayed in October 2010, have been reinstalled for Easter.

“The crosses convey a two-fold message. Bethel has a real heart for the sanctity of life and wants to encourage the protection of life,” said Rev. Cal Aardsma, pastor of the church. “Secondly, we want to offer hope and healing to those who are struggling with the pain of abortion.”

Susan DeJong, who first proposed the display, said, “The true number of [daily] abortions is closer to 4,000, but the 2,000 puts out the message we want.”

Three vinyl banners are part of the church’s pro-life statement. A central banner says “God Loves Every Child, Born and Unborn.” There is a picture of a baby in the womb on one side and a newborn baby on the other.

Two other banners advertise places where people who are experiencing emotional pain from past abortions can get help.

The crosses were made by the Cadets, the church’s boys’ club, and other church volunteers.

DeJong said, “Fifty million babies have been aborted in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade, affecting 100 million men and women. So many people are living with this in their hearts. God wants to restore them.”

The church plans to continue setting up the month-long display every year.

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