Oregon Church Provides Family Fun with Mini-Golf

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In the Pacific Northwest, where it rains day after day in the winter, coming up with inexpensive family-friendly events can be a challenge.

So the congregation at Oak Hills Christian Reformed Church in Portland, Ore., held a light-hearted mini-golf competition to provide some mid-winter fun.

On January 22, 72 people from age 2 to 93 turned out for dinner and a golf tournament. All participants got a putter, a plastic ball, and a map to help them find the putting greens spread throughout the church.

Sherry Kragt, the ministries coordinator at the church, said it was all very relaxed and fun. “It is extremely laid back and people visit and harass each other along the way,” she said. “It allows us to be together strictly for fun and social time . . . no business or serious agendas.”

This is the second year Oak Hills has hosted the event.

About the Author

Amy Toornstra is a freelance news correspondent for The Banner. She lives in Salem, Oregon.