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Filipino Church in Colorado Helps Churches in the Philippines


A Christian Reformed ministry for Filipino immigrants in Denver, Colo., is helping support seven Christian ministries in the Philippines.

The Crucible started as a house church, partnered with Eastern Hills Community Christian Reformed Church in Aurora, Colo., and Christian Reformed Home Missions.

It has since grown to more than 50 people who gather for worship and meals together. The group is served by three pastors: Rev. Henry Serrano of the CRC, and two other pastors─one from the Baptist General Conference and one from the Southern Baptist church.

 “[By] opening the ministry to other pastors who are looking for ministry opportunities, it will be easier for everyone because the responsibility is shared,” Serrano said.

Serrano credits his partnership with other pastors with making the church self-sustaining. None of the pastors take a salary, and by meeting in other church buildings they do not need a budget.

Instead, the offerings that are collected each Sunday are sent back to the Philippines to help seven different pastors in their ministries there.

Serrano said as long as there is a need in the Philippines, “there is help coming from the Lord’s hand in Colorado.”

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