CRWRC Loses Funding from Canadian Government

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In late December 2010, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee-Canada received notice that its funding from the Canadian government’s Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) would not be renewed.

This loss of approximately $1.1 million came as a surprise to those in the CRWRC organization. It is about ten percent of the community development program funding, which does not include disaster response funding or other special grants CRWRC receives.

Ida Kaastra-Mutoigo, director of CRWRC-Canada, said, “CRWRC has over 30 years of development experience, and for 20 of those years the excellence of our programs and our ability to provide matching funds have won us support from CIDA.”

This decision does not mean that CRWRC’s programs are not up to CIDA’s standards. Andrew Ryskamp, director of CRWRC-U.S., explained: “Instead, CRWRC—like many other Canadian charities—was caught in the murky space between old and new priorities and changes in proposal application procedures and expectations at CIDA.”

Even though the funding cut is on the Canadian side, it affects the entire organization. CRWRC is appealing for transitional funding until it can submit another proposal in March, with a response not expected until September 2011. It is also asking Canadian supporters to contact their Member of Parliament to advocate on behalf of CRWRC.

“CRWRC was not alone in being denied CIDA funding. Many other organizations found themselves in the same situation in between the two funding frameworks,” explained Ryskamp. He said that unless the gap in funding is met, CRWRC will have to cut some of its programs.

 “This is where the greatest discouragement and devastation happens. CIDA is concerned about charities like CRWRC being dependent, but it is really about the communities and their sustainable development goals. CIDA’s decision will impact most significantly the communities trying to get out of poverty,” explained Kaastra-Mutoigo.

CRWRC is hoping that people will step up and make a special donation. It will also tap into reserves and cut costs.

“We now have to switch the way we think about CIDA’s money. It has to be looked at now as more flexible funding and we will have to adjust the core program budgeting accordingly. We have sent special requests to the churches for the transition time but we are also encouraging field staff to access funding at their country level with collaborations and relationships they have built,” said Kaastra-Mutoigo.

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Being denied funding from the CIDA may be a blessing. When the CIDA uses non-governmental organizations like CRWRC to help write, organize and implement policies for nations and/or communities they are using guidelines instituted by the United Nations known as Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose for these goals is for the United Nations to control people groups through zoning developments and gain control of all land and resources through policies that bypass elected officials.

Forcing change through strategic development planning will restrict human and religious rights and freedom. It has been said that Sustainable Development is communism, redefined.

I'm curious as to why you equate sustainable development with communism.


Global management initiatives did not gain much traction until after the inception of the United Nations during WWII. Then it was primarily military. Through the decades, plans and goals were written politically by the UN, but with no real common ground to unite them. In the early 90s, the environmental issue of the Global Warming "scare," catapulted the United Nations toward world governance by rallying the nations around The Environment—Mother Earth "the green gospel". The UN gained political traction almost overnight. Industrialized nations like the United States suddenly became the great enemy. Other nations, political groups and factions of the church vilified these countries as greedy, consumptive, evil, socially and economically unjust. The CRC was no exception! We even created "The Office Of Social Justice."

The UN uses organizations like the CRWRC to bring people groups, communities and governments into UN conformity and compliance, by using Sustainable Development goals to bring justice, forcing the world to the UN dictates of Global Governance.

so you are saying that there is no injustice in this world, that it's all a figment of the UN's imagination?


There will be injustice as long as there is an oppressor and a victim. For the UN and the church to politically and religiously define who those groups are based on wealth, social class and economics status, is itself an unjust scale.

The truth behind sustainable development the CRWRC has been helping the United Nations to implement, is control. According to Henry Lamb of Sovereignty International, who writes," In order to control people, the government must control land. Control of the use of land includes control of the use of natural resources."

The policy statement of the UN Conference on Human Settlements says:

"Private land ownership is a principle instrument of accumulating wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice. Public control of land is therefore indispensable."

According to Henry, There are documents "of specific recommendations about how to take control of land use and recapture increases in property value for government. These recommendations are now being implemented through sustainable development programs and comprehensive land use plans set forth by the UNs agenda 21."

The Communist Manifesto calls for the abolition of all private property.

According to the United Nations, 27% of the total land area in the Untied States is already locked up and 67% of the nations's marine resources"

I suppose CRWRC had better hope that the UN doesn't discover that it is very involved in helping people get title to their land,then.

Government funding is never an easy issue, whether it be for charities, education, job creation, projects...whatever. What it often comes down to is money. The Canadian government (I refuse to call it the Harper government) is currently running a 40 billion dollar deficit, adding to an insurmountable half-trillion dollar debt. Everybody complains about having to pay taxes, but they want the government to keep funding more and more programs. That math does not compute. If we want debt reduction and continued funding for organizations like CRWRC, we have to pay more taxes. If we want to pay less taxes, we have to accept that funding will be cut left right and center. Government funding and tax breaks for charities do not fit into the Conservative right-wing political view that says the market should take care of society. What else will be cut? Let's demand less taxes...then wait and see!