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"You’ll look sweet, upon the seat of a bicycle . . ."


It’s not often that a wedding invitation says “Come with a bike and join the bride and groom in cycling from the church to the banqueting table.” The invitation of Sheri Poelman and David Prins, members of First Christian Reformed Church of Vancouver, British Columbia, did just that.

They wanted to honor their commitment to cycling and using transit in the city as much as they could. “We and many of our friends enjoy using bikes,” they said. “It was a natural decision to bike from the ceremony to the reception for our wedding.”

About half of the guests cycled the 6.8 kilometers (4.2 miles). Arrangements were made for out-of-town guests to borrow bicycles.

Once at the Granville Island Community Hall, The Bicycle Valet, a Vancouver bicycle valet service, took care of the guests’ bikes. The valet service has served many events, but this was their first wedding.

“The bride and groom came up with such a life-affirming idea to have us ride our bikes,” said guest Hans Doef. “We promoted creation-care, physical activity, community spirit, and had a whole lot of fun doing it.”

 In keeping with their choices, the couple also engaged the culinary services of JustCaters, a local organization that provides alternative catering ideas as well as employment for those living in poverty.

The bride did have one concern. Sheri laughed, “I just had to make sure my dress didn't get caught in the gears!”

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