Plea from South Africa

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Rev. Kobus Gerber, general secretary of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa (DRC), brought greetings and pleas from his denomination to the Christian Reformed Church.

“Our church has decided to put something on paper about the kind of church we want to be, and we would like to engage you in this. . . . In the global village, I think we as Reformed people are compelled to give accounts of our faith in a new way, for the sake of our children and their children,” he said.

Gerber also warned of the grave situation in neighboring Zimbabwe and its effect in South Africa. “A second Rwandan situation is developing,” he said. “The world is wringing hands and saying it’s bad, but nobody is doing anything. Our own president is doing nothing. He will go down in history as the one guy who demolished Nelson Mandela’s heritage.”

Rev. Peter Borgdorff, the ecumenical officer for the CRC, led synod in a prayer for the DRC’s work in a troubled part of the world, asking God for  “intervention that goes beyond what other humans can do.”

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Dan Postma is an occasional reporter for The Banner.