Ontario Quilters Stitching in Love

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Quilters from ClearView Christian Reformed Church in Oakville, Ontario, are spreading love in their community one stitch at a time.

What started out as a project to sew quilts for 75 AIDS orphans in Kenya has become a source of encouragement and support closer to home.

“It has become like a small group [where we pray] for one another and [learn] from God’s Word,” said Margaret Bootsma.

Annie Bergshoeff observed, “We are the arms and heart of Jesus to all who attend or even just drop by.”

The group held a twelve-hour quilt-a-thon and raised $10,000 to provide footwear, Bibles, and more in Kenya.

The group has tripled in size in the past year to fifteen quilters ages 11 to 81, and includes women of other denominations and faiths from the surrounding community. To participate, women need only to be able to sew a straight line. “[The quilts] are not perfect,” Bootsma said, “but neither are we. But somehow they are all beautiful.”

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