Idaho Woman Bags Huge Mountain Lion

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Leslie Workman, a member of Grange-ville (Idaho) Christian Reformed Church, took down a 200-pound mountain lion while bow hunting earlier this year. With a skull of 14.75 inches, it was just shy of the largest cat ever taken in Idaho. The world record mountain lion for archery equipment is just over 16 inches.

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Gayla Postma retired as news editor for The Banner in 2020.

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Honestly, as a personal friend of Leslie Workman. I like that a woman is being recognized in the hunting world. More woman need to be honored in such a way. Some may argue that "trophy hunting" is immoral or what not. But how do you know it was just for a trophy?! I personally have had cougar, it tastes like a greasy chicken. Not too bad.

I would like to say bravo to the banner for writing about Leslie...