Ecumenical: Synod Hears Caution on Belhar from Reformed Churches in South Africa

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Rev. Andries le Roux du Plooy greeted Synod 2009 on behalf of the Reformed Churches in South Africa (GKSA).

 “Our synod currently in session is, for the first time, composed in a new, restructured way where every local church is represented irrespective of race or color or language,” du Plooy told delegates.

Later, during synod’s debate on the Belhar Confession, du Plooy urged caution. “In the tradition in which we both stand, it is accepted that we should consult with each other. I don’t see any reference in the report to consultation.”

A second fraternal delegate from the GKSA, Douw Gerbrand Breed, also expressed concern. “We all know that the proposal you have in front of you concerns the Dutch Reformed Church very much, directly. As I understand it, [they] were not invited to send delegates to this synod. . . . Wouldn’t it be wise for you to first consult this church?”

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Dan Postma is an occasional reporter for The Banner.