Cobourg Church Recovers from Break-in

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When the secretary of Grace Christian Reformed Church of Cobourg, Ontario, arrived at church on Friday, November 13, she was in for a surprise.

Parking at the back of the church, she noticed broken windows as well as muddy ruts in the lawn where a large vehicle had apparently sped out.

Police investigation discovered smashed windows in all classroom doors. The pastor’s office door was kicked in, and the filing cabinet had been rifled through. In the sanctuary, the soundboard, speakers, and recording devices had been stolen. The PowerPoint projector and microphones were left untouched.

No money was kept on the premises, but Christmas care parcels that the congregation had been putting together for Montreal’s Seaway Ministry were ransacked.

There are no suspects in the break-in. Insurance will cover damages, and the church is currently obtaining quotes on an alarm system.

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Brenda Visser is the Banner's regional news correspondent for classis Eastern Canada.