British Columbia Church Enfolds Those with Disabilities

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Long before the Christian Reformed Church had a Disability Concerns ministry, Willoughby CRC in Langley, British Columbia, was actively welcoming and incorporating people with disabilities into the congregation.

One of those people, Fred Siemens, recently shared his testimony on his 65th birthday. Read by Rev. Ken Boonstra, the testimony spoke of his commitment to love and follow Jesus.

The congregation as a whole has been blessed by the church’s inclusiveness. Cindy Ruiter spoke of the blessing to her family, which includes three children now in their teens. “Fred and others have added an extra dimension of love for our family,” she said.

Support for people with disabilities includes ramps, an elevator, large print materials, audio support, and more.

Siemens attends the church’s Tuesday evening dinner and Bible study. Kim Holgrem and her husband, Paul, attend with him. Holgrem, also a longtime member at Willoughby, said she goes because “this is my community; these are my friends.”

About the Author

Jenny deGroot is a teacher/librarian in Langley, British Columbia.