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For over 12 years, Lowland Hum (Daniel and Lauren Goans) have toured all over the United States and Europe while writing and recording nine albums, several EPs, and singles. The band is known for their minimalist acoustic folk melodies layered with evocative imagery and spiritual themes that express the ache of the human heart and the beauty of being alive and human.

Recently, with the birth of two young children, they’ve slowed down their touring, go to bed early, and their home life is filled with diapers and baby monitors. In the evenings, after the kids go to bed, they write and record in a homemade converted shed/studio in their backyard in secluded woods outside of Charlottesville, Va. In addition to the music the band creates, Daniel works producing and recording other artists, and Lauren, with her background in visual art, plays a pivotal role in designing their videos, album covers, and other aspects of the band’s aesthetics. They also lead workshops on songwriting and collaboration.

In the fall of 2023, Lowland Hum released From Self With Love, its most atmospheric and expansive album to date. Mostly featuring Lauren’s warm, kind, and clear voice, the album begins with a song called “The Secret Tea Room” which is about a dream Lauren had. The song is produced in a way that feels like a beautiful meditation of a fading memory. The song “Together (in a way)” is one of the catchiest songs on the album and narrates the deviation in their song collaboration since having two young children. Having collaborated in the same room at the same time for their entire married life, the song (and the album) is the result of passing songs back and forth, working on melodies and lyrics separately.

Lowland Hum is not a Christian band, but Daniel and Lauren are both Christians, and their witness speaks loudest when they write and produce “quiet” music that stirs the soul. It radiates a tender kindness that reflects the love of God that holds us and carries us through every waking moment.

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